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    Sandy is a regular kid with a curious mind, until the day she encounters a fairy who gifts her three wishes. A new world is opened up to her. She must find a way to navigate her journey with the help of some new friends. But can they all be trusted? Every choice has a consequence, and Sandy soon realises that her final wish might be the most important of all.


    Join Sandy and her friends for an action-packed adventure kids will love.

*Book is not actual size


"A beautiful story with such powerful lessons through out the book. Sandy gains a new perspective on the flow on effects of her actions and gains the cool power of speaking to animals. The characters she meets teach her how to harness and grow her inner powers. A great book to teach kids they inner power they all have. Very imaginative and a lovely inspiring ending. Looking forward to reading the second book in the series."

Available from Amazon & other book retailers.

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