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    Join this fun and lovable character ALBERT THE ELEPHANT as he overcomes his self-doubts and fears around drawing. Albert wants to draw the perfect picture but along the way he learns that there is something even more important: Believing in yourself, and just having a go!

Ebook now available on Amazon. Paperback coming soon.


"Albert the Elephant is a sensitive and engaging tale that highlights the important message that all children are beautiful and special in their own way."  Keith MacDougall, Primary School Teacher


"That's exactly how I feel!" Josh (Age 6)


"I loved it so much because Albert didn't give up. His picture was good."  Angelina (7)


 "I really liked the pictures Joanna drew. The story makes me want to draw now (but I can't bc I'm sick!)." Christos (9).


"Hi Joanna,Just wanted to let you know that your book is very well received. I waited until after the Christmas "noise" to give my son your Albert the Elephant and for the last week, its been his favorite book. Even last Saturday when we were going out he wanted to make sure his babysitter knew to read it with him before bedtime and I heard him say to her that "it came from Australia." Being a fan of both drawing and ice-cream, my son gets Albert right away. He has several toy stuffed elephants and he lines them up to listen to the story. He asks lots of questions about why Albert crumples his artwork and it has opened up a nice dialog between us about how we all have different creative styles."

David Goldstein, Co-Author of Creative You, Artist, Blogger (USA)


"Sophie really enjoyed your book. What do you want to say to Jo about it, I asked "I love it" she says "It's the best book that I ever had" "really?" "yep". That was an actual conversation. Her favourite bit is when he scrunches up the paper and throws it in the bin." Sophie (5)

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