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    When James loses his beloved dog, he finds that anger is easy to give into. Filled with rage, James decides to take revenge against the magical creature that took away his best friend. The only problem is—that creature is a fire breathing dragon—one of the most dangerous creatures in the world! It is only now, when James devises a plan to kill the dragon with a magical dagger, that he learns the truth about revenge. 


    With his friends in tow and challenges to face, James takes on an adventure that will change his life forever. Magic and mystery follow close behind as James ventures out into a bold, scary, and dangerous new world. Can he overcome the black magic around them and find revenge some other way? Or is there more to magic than meets the eye?


"This book has it all: dragons, magic, empathy and a happy ending. Set in a magical world where dragons are just any everyday - though dangerous - part of life, James learns that understanding can be more satisfying than revenge."

"My son was lucky enough to have read this before it was published. He thoroughly enjoyed the characters, the world and the magic. It has a lot of positive messages in it for kids. Highly recommend for primary age children who enjoy fantasy."

Available from Amazon & other book retailers.

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