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Creativity Day - held 4 4 2014

As I connect with that childlike part of my mind I feel the surge of creativity rising up from within, no longer being suppressed as it once was. I feel the joy of self-expression, enjoyment of the life giving properties of self upon creation.

It moves me to tears both of sadness and of joy for the suppression and subsequent release of these childlike qualities, which we all hold within and yet have become so serious and mind-like, driven by logic and of fitting in.

Take yourself back to when you were four or five years old, before school began and the logic was trained into you. What were your greatest joys? How did you express yourself? What gave you great pleasure and delight? Remembering that as a five year old you didn’t hold on to anything and grasp, as we now do.

Watching my puppy and her delight and fascination at a scattering of fallen leaves from a tree, as they joyously dance in the wind, makes me smile and remember a time when I held delight for the simplest of things and as I watch her I realise I am doing the same!

Creativity - the joy of it! Not just from seeing paint and colour take shape on a blank canvas. It is the whole process of listening to my intuition as it gently guides and directs me to the materials I need to gather. I enjoy listening to the wonderfully soul uplifting souds from the music which Frederic Delarue has created to share with us all. The selection of materials, cutting sponges into shapes, mixing colours. Such a joy, delight and pleasure to uphold, to release all thoughts of boredom and the ‘stuff’ we all carry around with us at times. As we wondrously create together with such joy and pleasure I find myself wondering how I could neglect this part of myself for so long? I move forward now without guilt or regret, just a willingness to give it the priority it deserves in my life, understanding how the tapestry that is life all fits and holds itself together.

The joy of pure creative expression!

I am in a space of loving awareness once again; peace, tranquility, a softness, the gentleness of the soul. I love this very core of myself; knowing it as pure love, it is the most beautiful loving feeling. Exquisite!

Sparkle of colour! Do not look for it for it will find you, if only you let it come through you. Merely put your blockages aside, which prevent the flow of creativity coming through you. Such a beautiful thing, yes?

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