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For a long time now I have wrestled with what title to use to describe what I do.

Today I become clearer and more focused than ever before on my true soul purpose. It is to write and teach. I am a healer, yet I do this through my books and as for the teacher part, well I am not exactly sure how that looks right now. I just know I have a passion for gathering and sharing information and life experiences and as for now I share this through my writing and daily interactions with others. I also run creativity classes, where I am guided intuitively to host a creative event. We do not learn the technical details of how to paint or draw; we each have our own creative style, which we express in our own creative ways.

2014-06-05 13.40.50.jpg

My children especially love to create in this way, as they so often judge or are judged by others on what they produce. It is nice for them to have this freedom of expression to create with ease, joy and freedom. It turns out that not only do we all enjoy the act of creation, we are also happy with what we have at the end of it.

For many years now I have procrastinated and been distracted from my true purpose or passion in life. I could give you all sorts of reasons or excuses for this such as ‘I was too busy raising children’ or ‘fear stopped me from finishing it,’ yet I know that all of these life experiences add to what I create and share. Perhaps they have more depth now and in reality, time is endless.

When I look back on life now, I wouldn’t change it for the world and I’m not going to miss any more of it by living in the past or the future. I’m going to be fully present in the moment from now on and give my full attention to whatever I am doing in that moment; whether that is doing the dishes, eating or talking to a friend. I am making it my primary focus to be the best author, illustrator and teacher that I can be and sharing this with the rest of the world and as for the title to use; it is and always was what was shown to me years ago; Author, Healer, Teacher. How that looks can change in each given moment for I am fluid and express who I am in different ways in any given moment.

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