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Trying to lose weight is like trying to be something that you are not. Instead, accept yourself the way you are. Let yourself shine. We are all born perfect and then we collect all of these ideas about ourselves which are contradictory to that. Then we begin to chip away at that, trying to reveal our true selves when all we ever needed to do was remember.

Spend some time today imagining yourself to be whole, perfect and complete in every way, exactly as you are. Nothing to change, nothing to do, nothing to be. All we are ever meant to do is just be; be an expression of the Divine being that we are. Action coming from this place is inspired action. When you need something or someone to motivate you to do something, is it really the truth of who you are? Is this really the true expression of your divinity?

When we remember who we are we seek to express this. Divine energy comes in through our crown chakra and comes out through our hands; we give and receive; give and receive. This is the cycle of life and what we call ‘being in the flow.’

Have you ever felt like you were in the right place at the right time and everything seems to be going well for you? Synchronicities lining up for you? This is what being in the flow feels like. It shows you are in alignment.

How do we get to that place? This is different for everyone. It is the thing that brings you back to yourself; your deep, inner self. This is the self which is free from the opinion of others; the self which understands it is an aspect of Divine love which seeks to express itself; the self who knows it is an infinite, wise, loving soul which is simply expressing itself through this body at this time.

For me I come back to myself through meditation; contemplation; creativity; nature; uplifting music and many other simple pleasures. I often spend time alone and can be quite dreamy at times. I have always been a day dreamer, especially as a child. When we connect with the pure innocence of that beautiful child within, the rest comes easily.

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