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Teaching Creativity

Well I don’t really teach creativity as such, for we are all creative. What I do is assist you to unlock your own inner creativity; helping people to unleash the creativity within.

I help people unblock their own intuition and creativity; to help people to create with joy and passion and bring this to whatever else they do in life, for we are all creating all of the time.


I wrote a book called Albert the Elephant which helps people overcome their perfectionism and their own fears around being creative and in creating the life of their dreams. I believe creativity is the key to everything; it unlocks doors, it opens your intuition. It gives you enthusiasm and joy for whatever you do in life.

I combine my skills as a Medical Intuitive healer to help you unlock whatever is stopping you; to bring you in touch with your soul, that pure space within, so that you can become the creative being which you are.

Perfectionism in life stops us, it holds us back. We feel we need to meet the needs of our ego’s when in fact this will never be done, it is impossible, for as soon as we meet one need then we are on to the next thing in life.

This is not to say that the ego is bad, for it feeds those needs and desires which help us to create more. Without our ego we would not want anything, for we know we already have and are everything we think we need. This form of illusion or separation was created for this reason.

It is fun to have desires, exciting to have something to look forward to receiving. It is nice to admire the artwork we have created or others have.

The thing is to not get too attached to those desires, for in our attachment we become needy and our neediness actually pushes away the very things we desire. Instead of sending out a signal to the universe of having, we are sending out the signal of wanting and not fulfilling our desires.

Ask as if it has already been given and give thanks for it and you will meet your desires, become a vibrational match for it, as Esther Hicks would say.

We fall into the trap of not having so often and this way of thinking can be quite miserable at times! If you find yourself thinking of all the problems in your life, of all the things you want yet do not have, the solution is simple! STOP THINKING!

If you are unwell and wish you were better, feeling depressed or down and wish you felt better, then stop thinking. Instead BE with how you are right now. Express yourself, your emotions. When you accept something as it is, are willing to face it head on, to meet it in the middle, to stop chasing or fighting something and simply let it go, it will go away so breathlessly, so quietly unnoticed, you will forget that you ever felt this way at all! If you do need to do something to heal your body or mind, your intuition will guide you to this. When you BE STILL it will be shown to you. Have a willingness to act on whatever guidance you receive; be open and receptive. BE still.

Happiness can be found in each and every moment, joy even, with your thoughts. Quite amazing isn’t it? That we humans have the power to create like that. We can change our whole demeanour simply by changing our way of thinking. We can choose negative thoughts or positive ones and that affects everything we do and see; our whole perspective or outlook on life.

So choose happy, positive thoughts instead of negative, self-depreciating thoughts and if you can’t do that, think nothing at all! ‘How do I stop thinking?’ I hear you say. ‘Impossible,’ say others. Perhaps! Maybe you wont be able to stop them completely in your waking hours, however you can quiet them with quiet contemplation, meditation, or walking in nature. Go back to sensation, focus on your breathing, what you are feeling in your body and watch the space between thoughts grow.

This afternoon I felt the thrill of creating as I worked on my next book, Pedro the Donkey. The joy was overflowing from within me, I couldn’t wait to share this feeling so I wanted to share this sentence with you.

The joy of creating is also the joy of sharing your creations with the world.

For more inspired writing, follow my blog at or like JoannaWalshAuthor on Facebook.

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